Review: How to Love a Dragon by Lila Mina

Has Lila Mina’s “How to Love a Dragon”, which is book 2 of her new paranormal queer romance series met my expectations?

Quick Info
How to Love a Dragon

  • Title: How to Love a Dragon
  • Author: Lila Mina
  • Series: Dragon Tamers, book 2
  • Genre: paranormal romance
  • Content Warnings: none
  • Diversity: POC, older characters
  • Rating: 5/5 Stars

How to Love a Dragon

Book 2 of the Dragon Tamer series. A fated mates, polyam urban fantasy romance

Yes, Naomi’s dragon lover knows how to make her body beg for more – in all his presentations. But what does an immortal kami know about simple mortal love and human needs? To make things worse, an old and forbidden flame has popped back into Naomi’s life, and now her heart is split in two.

Forget judgmental and bossy cousins, fire-spitting monster spiders or creepy bureaucrats from the Imperial bureau: Naomi is not going to let fate, family and duty dictate her life. Mr. Jerk and Cocky will need more than a glass of champagne and a skilled tongue to keep her by his side!

The Queer’s Review

Okay, how can I tell you how much I enjoyed book two of the Dragon Tamer series without giving away too much? It seems impossible since its the little things I love so much!

I’ve already talked about the love I have for Lila Mina’s word-building in my review of How to Tame a Dragon, so I let’s skip ahead to the little tidbits I feel safe mentioning without them becoming a spoiler:

The dry humour! The pettiness! The absolute love that went into creating the minor characters and the feels they made me feel!

I’ve said it before, but I feel like it needs to be said again, especially since one could expect the relationship(s) in the Dragon Tamer and the Temper series to be somewhat… similar. But they’re really not, just like all main characters have their own voice – I really can’t wait for them all to hopefully cross paths and I can’t even decide on what constellation would be the most awesome! We’re treated to one meeting in this part of the series already and it has me on the edge of my seat for more.

Something that I really noticed and enjoyed is how well Lila Mina portrays conflict between characters in How to Love a Dragon. It would be so easy to paint a certain character as an asshole but instead, we’re shown how there are always – at least – two sides to the story.

I really have to tame (hah!) myself here because if I don’t, I give away too much.

Bookish Thoughts

“We’ve got something called etiquette in this country. You can cut throats and stomachs all you want but do it with respect and proper form.”

Kindle pos. 6385

Similiar Books to How to Love a Dragon

It proves rather difficult to recommend books if you’ve already read and enjoyed How to Love a Dragon. Obviously Lila Mina’s Temper series comes hugely recommended, other than that I can only think of Jenn Burke’s Ashes & Dust series and Patron of Mercy by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes.

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