Review: Temper: Deference by Lila Mina

Quick Info

  • Temper
    book 1
  • Dark Romance, Erotica, Paranormal
  • Diversity: POC (Japanese)
  • Trigger Warnings: blood play, knife play
  • Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


Submission will tame her temper but unleash her true power. Dutiful devotion will heal cursed bodies and souls. Compassion and boundless passion will set them all free. Nobody, nothing will tear this trio apart. Not even death.

Short-tempered Lana Martin is a workaholic consultant based in Tokyo. Not one to turn down a challenge, she accepts the indecent proposal of her martial arts’ instructor to become his submissive in a dynamic that tests her resilience.

Spreading like wildfire, their affair lights up another blaze, this time between Lana and Honda’s wife, the sophisticated socialite Yuki. Fearless, Lana embraces what her two masters offer her.

Yet, unbeknown to her, their powerful desire rouses dark powers who waited for decades to claim their prizes. Lana must confront the enemy eating her from within, while pulling back Honda from the edge of madness. Yuki’s unwavering strength keeps them sane – but for how long?

A two-edged sword, the trio’s fiery passion will either destroy them or be the key to their salvation.

The Queer’s Review

Thank God for this diverse Erotica!

There is so much I enjoyed about Deference but since I don’t want to spoiler you I’ll keep myself short and use a list that is in no particular order:

  • older women (over 30 and over 40 years old)
  • ongoing power play
  • Yuki. Seriously. She is the greatest.
  • Lana does not lose her personality because she entered training as a submissive.
  • friendship between females
  • no instalove
  • as far as I can tell no fetishization of Japan (please check with Japanese reviewers to be sure of this and let me know so that I can link to #ownvoices because as of now there weren’t any on Goodreads)
  • (in coming books: polyam relationship)

I do have a few small things that I did not enjoy so I had to take 0.5 Stars away:

  • how about safe sex when not knowing about your partners’ health?
  • mysterious trauma that has happened in the past that will be teased at but not put on page until later
  • too much sex and too little plot

Now don’t get me wrong. I like the erotic parts of Deference, especially when Yuki’s at play too but I’m a plot girl and I enjoy the non-sexual interactions between Lana, Yuki, and Honda very much. The storytelling is very flowing and natural and it sucked me right in. So now I’m here waiting until I can finally dive into book 2

Bookish Thoughts

A very raw (in the best sense) erotica and finally one that manages to be dark without being abusive.


I received a free copy through the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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