Queer’s Favourite Books 2019

I love looking back and remembering all those books I’ve read the year before – especially if I discovered new to me authors or debut books that I’ve enjoyed.

Deciding on which books to choose for my favourites shelf was hard but I’ve managed. And because I can’t be pressed to decide on my absolute favourite out of these, I’ll list them alphabetically. Also if the book is part of a series, the series belongs to my favourites too. Just sayin’.

The Queer’s Top 12 Books in 2019


by Lila Mina

Review | Goodreads | Buy*

Goalie Interference

by Avon Gale & Piper Vaughn

Goodreads | Buy*

Graveyard Shift

by Jenn Burke

Review | Goodreads | Buy*

Heated Rivarly

by Rachel Reid

Review |Goodreads | Buy*

Patron of Mercy

by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

Review |Goodreads | Buy*

Play it Again

by Aidan Wayne

Review | Goodreads | Buy*

Port Lewis Witches

by Brooklyn Ray

Goodreads | Buy*

Pretty Pretty Boys

by Gregory Ashe

Goodreads | Buy*

Red, White & Royal Blue

by Casey McQuiston

Goodreads | Buy*


by Anna Zabo

Review | Goodreads | Buy*

Rise & Fall

by Charlie Cochet

Goodreads | Buy*

Shadows You Left

by Jude Sierra & Taylor Brooke

Review | Goodreads | Buy*

Queer Favourites for 2020

Tell me about your favourite books in 2019 – maybe they’ll be listed as my favourites in 2020 if I haven’t already read them.

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