April 7th 2020
Open request options may be mailed to thequeerbookish@gmail.com
Blog Tour Requests: open
Guest Post Requests: open
Promotion Content Requests: open
Review Requests: closed

Blog Tours

The Queer Bookish takes part in Blog Tours that I feel would be a good fit for the blog. The content of different tours may vary, but they’ve got in common that at least one character who is not just on the sidelines has to be queer. Please make sure to put Request Blog Tour for The Queer Bookis as your subject line because otherwise your email will be deleted without being read. If I signed up for your mailing list the headline may be whatever you choose of course.

Guest Posts

Either you write a post for The Queer Bookish or I write one for your blog/media outlet.

Please note, that in either case the article has to be a new and exclusive one and the theme has to be related to queerness and books. We can work out the details in mails. Please make sure to put Request Guest Post for The Queer Bookish in your subject line because otherwise your email will be deleted without being read.

Promotion Content

The Queer Bookish publishes Cover Reveals, Excerpts, Giveaways, and Interviews if I feel like they would be a good fit for the blog. The book in question has to feature at least one queer character that is not on the sidelines. Please make sure to put Request promotion content for The Queer Bookish as your subject line because otherwise your email will be deleted without being read.


You may email me your request if your book meets my requirements:

  • ARC or already published
  • mobi file or print copy
  • Indie published, publishing house, or selfpublisher
  • queer character(s) or queer topic
  • is not poetry or science fiction
  • please include content/trigger warnings for emotional abuse, rape, self harm, and suicide
    A book with one or more of those triggers won’t be declined because of them I just want and need to make an informed decision about reading about these themes.
  • if your book is #ownvoices (queer and otherwise) please let me know. If you aren’t comfortable with the information being used in the review I won’t make it public.
  • use the subject line
    Review Request Title of your book for The Queer Bookish

Accepting Books for Review

I will try to read and review your book in a time frame of 2 months, also I might be able to publish a review at a shorter notice with regards to release dates. I can’t guarantee this though. The ealier you send me your request the better. Sometimes life gets in the way and I need more time than expected.

I write a review for nearly every review request I accepted. If there are reasons why I can’t publish a review for your book I will let you know about them and we might be able to figure something else out.

The reviews I write will be published on The Queer Bookish, amazon.de, Goodreads, and Pinterest. I’ll tweet about it on twitter and post the book on Instagram. This will not happen at the same time.

My reviews are honest and fair, so they won’t always be positive reviews with 4 or 5 Stars. I give my best to not comment unfairly about the author and I will explain why I didn’t end up enjoying the book in question.

Review Structure

Starting November 1st 2019 all reviews on The Queer Bookish will include the following:

  • Cover Art
  • Series or Standalone
  • Genre
  • Diversity other than queerness
  • Trigger Warnings
  • Star Rating
  • My opinion about the book
  • Notice if I received it for free in exchange for an honest review

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