About The Queer Bookish

Ela | thirtysomething | queer | she/her

The Queer Bookish reviews queer books – who would’ve thought? The blogger behind it works as a marketing manager for a German bookseller and then comes home to ramble about queer books she loves and vent about bookish topics she is bothered by.


Do I know you from somewhere?
– Yes, this blog was known as Bookstogetlostin.wordpress.com before I decided that doesn’t fit me anymore.

Do you accept review/guest post/tour/interview/etc. requests?
– Yes, please take a look at my policy to learn more before mailing me your request.

Do you know your name doesn’t make much sense grammatically speaking?
– Yes! It’s a little inside joke I’ve got going with myself tbh. I’m German, so prepare for some Germaness in my English.




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  1. Hello, I’m looking to get in touch with an author you are familiar with – Tong Zhang. She is a friend of mine from long ago and we’ve lost touch. I’m trying to reconnect with her but I’m having trouble locating her. Can you help? My email is arodgersconsulting @ gmail.com if would like to reply through email. Thank you!


  2. Hi Daniela!

    I’ve started concentrating on LGBT/Diversity books some years ago myself. Found your blog via your review of “Bittersüßes Vermächtnis” over at LibraryThing (as I’m reading that book right now) and had to come here to see what else you’re reading. I think I have to stay now. 🙂

    Have a nice day!

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    • It’s so great more and more people are reading diverse (although I could read more diverse, but you just can’t read each and every book, sadly…).

      Let me know what you think about “Bittersüßes Vermächtnis”. I’m not really active at LibraryThing anymore, because they’ve got a limit on what you can do if you’re not paying…
      But I’ll add/follow you on Goodreads. And I just saw… you’re not only writing a book, but it will be published soon as well? Congrats!

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      • It’s getting easier to find good diverse books every day! I love that. For a long time I had to dig in the deepest corners to find a book that at least mentions LGBTQ in a positive way. 🙂
        Aaaaand yes, my first book is coming and I can’t wait for June to arrive. The last year was so exciting and crazy. Still can’t believe it’s really happening! 😀


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