Review Tour: Patron of Mercy by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

Quick Info
Patron of Mercy

  • Series: Lords of the Underworld
    book 3
  • Genre: Paranormal, Romance
  • Diversity: POC
  • Trigger Warnings: suicide mention
  • Rating: 5/5 Stars

Patron of Mercy

Lach has spent the last few thousand years counting only on himself. What he needed, he took. What he wanted, he won with charm. All except a god he turned his back on an age ago, when he had a different name and didn’t know what he was giving up.

Thanatos, god of merciful death, is one of the gentlest gods in the pantheon—easing the transition between life and death for billions of mortals. But he has faced eternity alone. After breaking his heart on the sharp words of a fisherman’s son, he hasn’t been able to connect with anyone.

Now, Lach is crashing back into Thanatos’s life, dragging him into an adventure that could save the world . . . or kill them both.


The Queer’s Review

I love, love, love this series.

And I say that even though I still haven’t read the first book. But I will very soon and then I will reread books two and three.

I had some trouble getting into the pairing in the second book, but with Lach and Thanatos? Absolutely not. Both are so different but so loveable at the same time.

I really enjoy their second chance at romance and how it plays out. If you have been hurt by someone, that feeling won’t go away all at once. It comes and goes until you’ve worked through it. And that’s exactly what’s happening with those two loveable idiots.

I mean, I sometimes wanted to just bang their heads together to finally work it out, but I do enjoy being this invested in a pairing so that was great.

I still ended up with a different favourite character: a certain sentient being that plays matchmaker.

Bookish Thoughts

This is the first book I have read in which a male character has problems getting it up during sex. How sad is that? And I don’t know why but I really love that scene in Patron of Mercy.


I received a free copy through Signal Boost Promotions in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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