Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Prisoner of Shadows by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

Quick Info
Prisoner of Shadows

  • Series: Lords of the Underworld
    book 2
  • Genre: Paranormal, Romance
  • Trigger Warnings: none
  • Rating: 4/5 Stars

Prisoner of Shadows

For more than five thousand years, Prometheus has been chained in the underworld. Every day, an eagle tears out his liver. Every night, he heals. When Hermes releases him in a gambit to save himself from his father’s wrath, Prometheus must adjust to a world that’s forgotten him. Hunted by the twins, Artemis and Apollo, he finds help in an unexpected place.

Julian Bell is a vampire lost. He left his Louisiana home in 1936 and hasn’t settled since. Ten years ago he followed his best friend to New York, but the country they came to wasn’t the America he left. After losing his friend, he found himself unmoored in a strange land. As he nears his hundredth birthday, he’s realizing how truly alone he is.

When Prometheus and Julian’s paths cross one fateful night, they find in each other a safe path through the shadows.

The Queer’s Review

It started with ‘the fuck am I reading?’

And then it got so much better. Seriously, at the beginning I was considering to dnf it because Prometheus was so… one dimensional and stiff and just not… I didn’t get him at all. For someone who didn’t know anything about modern stuff he read so modern? And naive in a rather annoying way.

So I was really happy when the story shifted to Julian, because at least then it was starting to be fun.

And then. Then they met and I thought ‘okay, fine, this will be a story I read once and then be done with it. At least I’m not wasting my time.’

And then. Then I looked up and had somehow read over 60% without noticing how time flew by? Prisoner of Shadows really grew on me and I ended up enjoying it so much! It was really surprising to me – but a very nice surprise. Also: Fuck yeah consent! Fuck yeah being drunk means not being abe to really consent to something.

Fuck yeah other Gods’ appearances. I didn’t feel Apollo in this though but that is a totally personal opinion. I did feel the way how the greek Gods had to adapt to modern way of living and try to still get worshipped.

Bookish Thoughts

I don’t know if the greek pantheon is one that is really popular and say, the norse is not or if I just always stumble upon these stories? In a way they are all in a way the same but Lords of the Underworld (or at least this one because I haven’t yet read the first one) manages to have its own unique and charming tidbits. Also: Kinda what you’re used to but with a surprising spin that I really liked.


I received a free copy through Signal Boost Promotions in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

Make sure to stop at the other tour stations, too! And try your luck at the giveaway for the chance to win the ebook of book 1 Prince of Death!

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