Review: Stone Wings by Jenn Burke

This queer paranormal romance features the fake dating trope and is full of banter and interesting lore.

Quick Info
Stone Wings

  • Title: Stone Wings
  • Series: Gargoyles of Arrington book 1
  • Author: Jenn Burke
  • Release Date: 30th August 2022
  • Genre: Paranormal, Romance
  • Content Warnings: None
  • Diversity: None
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Stone Wings

His curse can only be lifted with true love, but can true love come from a fake date?

Being the personal assistant to a trio of cursed gargoyle brothers who sleep for a hundred years and wake up for twenty-five wasn’t a career proposed by Josh’s high school guidance counselor, but it’s a job that he’s eminently suited for. Not to mention a job his family has been doing for generations. The brothers are truly excellent bosses, but Josh is surprised when Drew offers to pretend to be his date for his high school reunion. And even more surprised by a supposedly fake kiss that feels as real as a kiss can get.

Drew and his brothers owe Josh and his family for watching over them each time they turn to stone for a hundred years, and for helping them reintegrate into the world when they wake up. The least he can do is pose as Josh’s boyfriend for a night. Even though true love can break his curse, he knows he won’t find it with Josh. Nothing that real can come from a lie. Or can it?

When the fake boyfriend situation stretches into two nights, and then more, Josh and Drew can’t fight the attraction blazing between them. There’s no harm in exploring it, right? No expectations. But when paranormal danger comes to Arrington, Josh and Drew are going to have to battle for every moment of peace…and maybe a real happily ever after too.

STONE WINGS is a 50,000 word male/male paranormal romance featuring a mechanic who happens to have wings and is a literal monster in bed, a personal assistant who’s always had a crush on him, stone skin or not, and a relationship that’s going to take a leap of faith to give the fairytale a happy ending.

The Queer’s Review

I was hooked as soon as I saw Jenn Burke using the fake dating trope in Stone Wings.

Okay, that’s a lie. I was hooked as soon as I saw her new series announcement. How could I not, considering how much I loved the Not Dead Yet series and its spin-off Ashes & Dust?

This time though, we’re entering into a story with completely new characters – I think. I have to reread both other series to make sure there is no hidden mention of gargoyles or care keepers. And I have to admit, Chaos Station is still on my tbr. But either way, I’m lowkey hoping for a certain God of Second Chances and his husband to cross paths.

But let’s get back to Josh and Drew’s story, shall we? Like I said, I’m a sucker for this trope, and I hugely enjoyed not only their interactions but all the brothers and especially Josh’s BFF Em. What is it with this author and making me fall in love with the MC’s best friends?

Lately, I’ve been reading some heavier and/or not really enjoyable books, so the lightness and banter in Stone Wings were absolutely what I needed. Knowing Jenn though, I was prepared to be hit in the feels as well – rightly so.

So why did I “only” rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars? There are actually two reasons. One, even though I really enjoy Josh and Drew as a couple, their entering into a real relationship felt a little bit too quickly to actually feel it for myself. And two – and this is just a very personal pet peeve of mine – the maiden, mother, crone (although here it’s called grandmother) moon aspect in a ceremony. It immediately brings my mind to certain Wicca beliefs that have been spread through magical communities, which boil down to fertility and defining people with a uterus on their childbearing ability. To keep it really, really, short, because Stone Wings is so not about this. And therefore I won’t go into this issue of mine.

Especially since it simply annoyed me for a second and that was that.

Much more important is the wordbuilding and how the author brings Gargoyle lore to life. This was so interesting that I’m hoping there will be more in-depth information about this lore in book 2.

Bookish Thoughts

“I’m not a candy daddy,” I said firmly.

“Sugar daddy,” Josh whispered.

Kindle pos. 432


I received a free copy though Jenn Burke’s Epic Arc Team in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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