Review: Dread by Lila Mina

Quick Info

  • Series: Dread
    book 2
  • Genre: Dark Romance, Erotica, Paranormal
  • Diversity: POC, mental health (PTSD)
  • Trigger Warnings: mentions of miscarriages, mentions of physical assault, mentions of sexual harassment
  • Rating: 5/5 Stars


An unexpected discovery leads Lana, Honda and Yuki to rethink their relationship. Meanwhile, shapeless and mortal danger looms on the horizon, forcing Honda to finally confess to Lana why he chose her.

To her horror, their boundless thirst has cursed roots, and they have no choice: only together will they stand a chance to defeat the heinous monsters stalking them and put an end to the spiraling madness engulfing them.

Desperate to protect her most precious treasure against timeless forces bent on destroying them, Lana takes a radical decision in relation to Yuki and attempts to let go of her traumatic past.

As a terrible storm gathers above their heads, the time for secret is over. The trio must come out clean with the powerful heads of their families if they want a chance at a real future together.

The Queer’s Review

It lives up to my hype.

If you have read my review of Deference you know how much I loved the first book. And even though I didn’t want to I was so very, very hyped for the second one. I worried a little about being disappointed though because how should it top the first one?

I worried for nothing. Lila Mina manages to not just capture me the way she did with the first book, I fear she will never let me go again. And that’s not just because I love and adore and respect and maybe fear Yuki so much.

There was one thing I criticized in my review of Deference and while I still think that drama could have happened in a different way, I get why that had to happen. Ominous much? You’ll know what I mean when you read Dread.

On to the things I love and want you to know about:

  • GOOD BPD REP! Sorry for screaming but that little scene hit me so hard in the best of ways
  • I might have blushed
  • so many great strong female characters
  • keeping of own personality and opinions
  • the whole story, but especially the paranormal/mythological aspects and
  • HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS! plus handling conflicts in a healthy way. No drawn out drama here because people don’t open their fucking mouths

I have to elaborate on that last point here. Especially with BDSM fiction it is easy to glide into the the-dom-controls-everything-and-is-never-questioned-because-he-is-the-dom slide. But it’s not romantic nor healthy to have him control every little thing especially without consenting to those things first.

Seriously if Dread wasn’t what it is I would love to have minors read it to gain some new perspectives on how conflicts in relationships should be handled. Sadly and at the same time luckily (because I quite enjoy a well-written erotica) it is what it is and so I’ll only recommend it to sex-positive and sex-neutral people of age.

Bookish Thoughts

Reading Deliverance will kill me in the best of ways – I am sure of that.


I received a free copy through the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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