Review: How to Tame a Dragon by Lila Mina

Quick Info
How to Tame a Dragon

  • Title: How to Tame a Dragon
  • Series: Dragon Tamer
  • Author: Lila Mina
  • Release Date: 28.11.2021
  • Genre: Erotica, Paranormal, Romance
  • Diversity: POC, Mental Health, older characters
  • Rating: 5/5 Stars

How to Tame a Dragon

After twenty years, coming back to Japan for a funeral is hard for organized crime specialist Naomi, especially with that overbearing family of hers, their mysteries and ridiculous paranoia. A ladies’ night is the perfect way to chill out, but when Mr. Tall, Dark and Cocky sits down across her table, she realizes she could use something stronger than alcohol to relax.

Tsutaya can’t wait to start his last job. It’s the key to his freedom after two centuries spent shackled inside a human body, enslaved to the petty wishes of despicable and spineless crime lords. Witty and pretty, Naomi is a welcome distraction before he can get his hands on the profile of his final bounty.

Neither Naomi nor Tsutaya can imagine what that their passionate night together is about to unleash.

The Queer’s Review

I was prepared to be disappointed.

Simply because I love Lila Mina’s Temper series so much. So obviously I will compare every other book of hers to that high standard. Luckily, there was absolutely no need to worry, because the same world-building care and love for diverse characters went into the first book of the Dragon Tamer series.

In a way, I feel like How to Tame a Dragon gets off to a better start actually. Maybe because we get treated to quite a lot of different characters right from the beginning? Or maybe the mythology aspect is more interwoven into the book’s reality. I’m not sure, what exactly it is, but whatever it is, it really works for me.

And those characters, main as well as minor, are defintely their own persons. I really enjoyed every interaction, even if some made me rage a little bit because family issues! Can’t tell you more, so you need to read for yourself.

I think, I might have gotten into Naomi and Tsutaya’s relationship more easily than Lana and Honda, especially emotionally speaking. So far, Yuki stays my number one, and I don’t think the Dragon Tamer series will give me a more perfect character, but you never know.

You might think How to Tame a Dragon could be something of a copy of the first series, but it’s really, really not. It treats you to everything I loved about the temper series, while also doing its own thing. I’m just really excited where the ride will take us in the next books and also how both series might come together. I’m looking forward to certain interactions, that I hope will happen.

And now I think it’s high time for me to re-read the Temper series.

Bookish Thoughts

“Bah, prophecies are made to be vague and misunderstood.”

Kindle Pos. 4253

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