Review: Like Real People Do by E.L. Massey

Looking for a fun and diverse feel-good queer novel featuring ice hockey and a great cast among other things? Look no further, E.L. Massey’s Like Real People do has your back!

Quick Info
Like Real People Do

  • Title: Like Real People Do
  • Author: E.L. Massey
  • Series: Breakaway Series, book 1
  • Genre: Contemporary, Romance
  • Content Warning: homophobia, slurs, racism
  • Diversity: POC, Mental Health, Physical Health
  • Rating: 5/5 Stars

Like Real People Do

Nineteen-year-old hockey phenom Alexander Price is the youngest-ever captain in the NHL. With a polarizing social media presence and a predilection for dirty play, he typifies the stereotype of young, out-of-control athlete. But away from the cameras, Alex is a kid with an anxiety disorder and the expectations of an expansion franchise on his shoulders. And maybe he tries too hard to fit the part of asshole playboy, but it’s better than the alternative; in his line of work, gay is the punchline of an insult, not something he can be.

Eighteen-year-old vlogger Elijah Rodriguez is a freshman in college recovering from an injury that derailed his Olympic figure-skating dreams. Mixed-race, disabled, and out of the closet since he was fourteen, Eli is unapologetically himself. He has no qualms about voicing his disapproval of celebrity jocks who make homophobic jokes on Twitter and park their flashy cars in the handicapped spaces outside of ice rinks.

After an antagonistic introduction, Alex and Eli’s inexplicable friendship both baffles and charms the internet. But navigating relationships is hard enough for normal teenagers. It’s a lot harder when the world—much of it disapproving—is watching you fall in love with your best friend.

The Queer’s Review of Like Real People Do

How long do I have to wait until I can read the next book? I need it now!

So you might’ve already gathered that I absolutely loved E.L. Massey’s queer novel, where Ice Hockey meets vlogging with some Figure Skating on top.

But please don’t make me choose which part of Like Real People do I loved the most, because it’s damn near impossible to choose if I can’t choose everything.

We are being treated to absolutely loveable and funny characters – doesn’t matter if we’re talking about our main pairing Alex and Eli or supporting characters like Jeff or the whole of the Ice Hockey Teams (well, apart from one person). But they are not only loveable, but they also read so fucking real and I love how healthy their relationships are. Friends and partners call each other out on their BS and grow that way, okay?

I can’t analyze how well Eli’s epilepsy and his service dog’s reaction to it are written – let me know if you’ve read an own voices review for that part so that I can link to it here – but I definitely liked how it wasn’t skipped over but portrayed in a way I found to fit in well with the overall story.

Seriously, if you need a fun and well-flowing feel good queer book featuring a diverse cast, this one has to be bought by you ASAP!

Bookish Thoughts

“I was just having a lot of feelings this morning!” Alex yells back. “And I have way too much money. Can you please just let me do nice things for yourself?!”

Kindle Pos. 1859

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