Let’s Talk Bookish: Reading & Blogging Goals 2023

The prompt

2023 starts with me setting my (queer) reading and blogging goals since I don’t set goals for the nonqueer stuff. Yet? So why not combine that with Let’s Let’s Talk Bookish’s discussion topic of the week.

  1. The prompt
    1. About Let’s Talk Bookish
  2. Queer Reading Goals for 2023
  3. Blogging Goals for 2023

About Let’s Talk Bookish

Let’s Talk Bookish is a bookish meme created by Rukky @ Eternity Books where bloggers write posts discussing the topic of the week each Friday! Now it’s run by Aria @Book Nook BitsTake a look at the other prompts for January 2023.

Queer Reading Goals for 2023

I don’t really set reading goals apart from taking part in loosely defining an amount of books I want to read that year. Last year I tracked 60 books – also some books I simply don’t track at all, so the number is usually sliiightly higher. Goodreads tells me the shortest one was Of Charms, Ghosts And Grievances with 110 pages and the longest Fredric Backman’s The Winnerr with 688 pages – review to come.

I feel like I want to read some more books so maybe I’ll try to get the number up to 70 queer books? I kinda miss the years I tracked over 100 read books but with the way life is I don’t see that happening. Maybe when I’ll retire.

I also want to read more queer books by authors unknown to me. I’ve actually read the first one in this category which I loved so much it’s ridicolous! But this brings me to my blogging goals so let’s head on over to those, shall we?

Blogging Goals for 2023

Last year I started the reviewing with a book I hated. So this year I want to start the year with a postive note and make the first review for an amazing queer book. Seriously. It’s so good I can’t wait for that series’s next instalment.

Speaking of reviewing: There are some unreviewed books over on NetGalley that I definitely want to tackle in 2023. So you can expect some reviews for queer backlist books to watch out for.

So far I’m satisfied with the planning of my blogging schedule and how I’m handling missed posts – this Tuesday I wanted to take part in Top Ten Tuesday but there simply was no time to do so and that’s still alright with me.

What I do want to change is the design of The Queer Bookish. Maybe find an artist to redesign the logo with a cleaner look, maybe a new theme, and definitely some behind the scenes work.

I’m also thinking about starting back at the beginning and study blogging again. Usually that approach jumpstarts my creativity again and I haven’t done so in quite some time. But so far there aren’t any real plans.

What are your reading an blogging (if you blog) for 2023?

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