Quit Book Blogging

The prompt

This week’s prompt is a Freebie and when I set up my Let’s Talk Bookish Page in my Book Blogging BuJo, I made a note saying “Quit Book Blogging”. I’m pretty sure I saw it somewhere in the archive for this meme. Rest assured I’m not quitting!

About Let’s Talk Bookish

Let’s Talk Bookish is a bookish meme created by Rukky @ Eternity Books where bloggers write posts discussing the topic of the week each Friday! Now it’s run by Aria @Book Nook BitsHere are the other prompts of September.

A Bookish Take on Quitting Book Blogging

Obviously, I’m coming from a nonprofessional POV, but I still feel the need to stress this here.

Blogging – regardless if it’s book blogging or about whatever – is supposed to be fun. Of course, you can use it to prove to a potential new employer you’re able to produce content, have project organization skills, are a social media expert whatever, but at the end of the day, it’s a hobby for me. Also very helpful for discovering new authors.

It’s a hobby I enjoy most of the time. Sometimes there are tasks I’m procrastinating on or that are very stressful for me, but overall book blogging is a means to relax and spend my time talking about queer books. I’ve hinted at this in my post Tips for newbie book bloggers but I want to spell it out here:

Don’t force yourself. Enjoy the ride, take time off if you need to, and come back when you feel ready to express yourself again.

The Queer’s Take on when you should Quit Blogging

Ultimately that means, you might discover you don’t want to pick up book blogging again. And that’s more than fine. If you do so you should make sure to cancel every subscription for your blogging – like WordPress premium etc – so you’re not losing money.

But they are other things you can try before you quit your blog:

  • Maybe your current one feels inauthentic so a relaunch could be helpful.
  • Is your current editorial calendar too much? You don’t need to publish a post every x days.
  • Have you lost your interest in book blogging altogether but you’re very interested in a different topic? Why not focus your blogging on that?
  • Or you could be overwhelmed with everything there is to handle when you’re a solo blogger. Becoming part of a team could be a solution.

Overall, my advice to you is this: Take time off whenever you need it, don’t force yourself to continue with something that doesn’t bring you joy anymore, and don’t delete your blog without being very sure you won’t regret it in future.

Have you ever considered quitting your blog? How did it turn out?

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