Review: Flipping by R. Lee Fryar

It’s been a long time since a queer book made me roll my eyes this hard but paranormal romance Flipping managed it effortlessly.

Quick Info

  • Title: Flipping
  • Series: Haunted Hearts book 1
  • Author: R. Lee Fryar
  • Release Date: 26th July 2022
  • Genre: Paranormal, Romance
  • Content Warnings: sexism, cultural appropriation, murder attempt, maybe more
  • Diversity: none so far
  • Rating: DNF at 45 %


Charley Dalton died a homeless man. He’s not about to be a homeless ghost.

When Charley’s haunted house passes into the hands of psychic house flipper, Austin Sparks, Charley promises himself and the ghosts he lives with that he’ll haunt overtime to get rid of the threat. Once people start pulling up carpets and tearing down walls, a haunted house is doomed.

Charley devises a plan to scare Austin off for good. But Austin Sparks doesn’t scare easily. Worse, he’s sexy as hell, and soon Charley has a bigger problem than failed plans. He’s got the hots for the enemy.

But forbidden romance isn’t part of a ghost’s happily-ever-afterlife. 

The Queer’s Review

I tried. I really tried to get into this.

But I gave up after I forced myself to read nearly half of Flipping. I wasted enough time being confused and rolling my eyes.

I feel like I missed at least one whole book before this one where this universe’s approach to ghosts was explained, so I really wasn’t able to picture the way ghosts work here. Apparently, they have to eat? That was weird.

Another issue I encountered was the auras. Being told what aura the characters were instead of being shown how they felt stopped me from losing myself in Flipping because I’m just so annoyed by it. A “fog of turqoise anxiety“? Come one! I’m not sure I could tell you anything about the characters, really. I don’t feel like I could grasp them at all. I was also annoyed by the subtle sexism and cultural appropriation.

But the worst part is the romance that’s supposed to happen. I got up to Charley creepily watching Austin, and also trying to kill him, ending up seriously hurting him. Gosh, so romantic!

Overall, I felt really dirty while reading Flipping, and I’m really not seeing how I could ever end up shipping anyone here.

Bookish Thoughts

It takes a certain kind of personality to be a ghost–a strong resistance to change, a desire for things to remain familiar, an umcompromising soul and…”

Kindle pos. 113


I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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