Monthly Wrap-Up: Queer in September 2022

Month two of my wrap-up series. So far I really think I’ll enjoy doing them if I manage to keep the pressure out of them. They also really help me keep track of my efforts because I definitely didn’t recognize I wrote four queer book reviews.

Queer Books Reviews in September 2022

There weren’t a lot of reviews this month – or so I thought before listing them.

Memes and Discussions from a Queer POV in September 2022

Bookish Reflections for September 2022

There were a few posts I wanted to write but ended up not writing because other responsibilities were demanding my attention – and that’s okay. There will be months I’m all about blogging and others will be filled with work or working on my mental health. I guess this ties a little bit into my entry for the Let’s Talk Bookish freebie, now that I think about it.

Right now my book Blogging BuJo is still a “true” Bullet Journal, meaning I’m keeping it in a notebook. My other BuJo – basically my everyday life planner – moved back into a Filofax. So I might move the book blogging notes into that one as well since there is way more room to plan everything compared to a normal notebook.

Either way, I’ve decided to prepare 2023 as early as possible and to introduce you to my Book Blogging Bullet Journal that way. Stay tuned, I guess?

What’s your favourite piece you’ve published and/or read this month? Let me know and link to it in the comments!

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