Review: Bound and teased by Marie Tuhart

 Series: Standalone

Genre: LGBT (m/m, m/f/m), Erotica, Romance

Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Cover: Nothing special, but fitting.

Buy: Amazon

Trigger warnings: none

Description: They’re playing for keep.

Eight years ago, a naive Katie Crane ran from Ry and Jed, warned their brand of love would ruin her life. Now she’s all grown up and returning home with a better understanding of the BDSM lifestyle. After the betrayal she’s faced at her father’s hands, she worries she won’t be strong enough to submit to the men she gave her heart and virginity to at eighteen.

Jed Malloy and Ry McCade are surprised and thrilled by Katie’s return to Felton’s Creek. They’d been heartbroken after her departure and had turned to each other, embracing the BDSM lifestyle without her. Katie’s homecoming sparks hope and worry. Ry isn’t sure he can keep his dominant side under control, and Jed fears Katie will see him as less of a man by being a switch and Ry’s submissive.

Having Katie back could mean the beginning of everything they’ve ever wanted or the end to the only family they’ve ever known.

Review: This could have been really good, because the dynamic between the three main characters sounded interesting to me. After reading… I’m not so sure about the bdsm part. Yeah, there was “sir”, and floggers, some ‘punishment’ (although, punishment shouldn’t be enjoyable for the one being punished?), but the…  the psychological part was missing.

Still, the sex was okay. Some interesting ideas, but more details could have helped. Bonus points for having a scene in which the reader sees Jed as a switch. I was prepared for him to be only submissive in the background.

The plot? Yeah… not much to say about it, because there wasn’t much of it. The “drama” was ridiculous and doesn’t really deserve to be called drama.

I have to tell you about the repetitions, too. For example it is mentioned 16 times that it’s been 8 years. 16 times! That Katie was 18 years old when she had sex for the first time is told too often, too. And please, let her walk on her own. She is carried everywhere. Also, she doesn’t show any disgust about two men or more specifically Ry and Jed together, but they keep wondering if she will accept them together.

To sum it up: Nice erotic read if you don’t think too much about it.
Disclaimer: I was provided through NetGalley with a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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  1. Sexy menage erotica? Check. Calling something BDSM when it’s really just a bit kinky? Meh. Also, I’m TOTALLY OVER the annoying losing-her-virginity subplot in romance novels. WHO CARES?! Having to emphasize that she was 18 when she lost her virginity, over and over? Nope, I’m out.

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    • But a virgin (only the female kind of course) is such a magical being! Hopefully everyone can detect my sarcasm.
      Maybe it was to make sure, everything was legal? I’m a little bit confused about US consenting age or whatever it’s called.
      Still… tell me once and I know?

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      • Yeah, consent in the US is a bit tricky sometimes. For the most part it’s 18. There are “Romeo and Juliet” laws in some states, which is when two underage people are involved in a relationship and one turns 18 while the other is still underage, I think? But yeah, once is enough!

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