Review: Resurfaced by Leslie Lee Sanders

resurfacedSeries: Refuge Inc. (Book 6, but standalone, too)

Genre: LGBT (M/M), Dystopian

Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Cover: It fits.

Buy: Amazon

Trigger Warnings: None

Description: Tasked with a deadly mission, Damien and Patrick must return to the surface and discover healthy plant life that survived the toxic devastation that wiped out all life after a cataclysmic asteroid impact.

However, they quickly learn that it’s not just the contaminated air they should fear, but also those responsible for organizing the operation, as all things point to a deliberate suicide mission.Finding a living plant may not only ensure a future for the thousands of subterranean survivors but may be the key they need to return to their home beneath the surface.
Review: To me this short book contains two parts. The first part I rather liked. There isn’t happening much, but the depressing atmosphere really gets to you.
The second part contains the romance. Well… I didn’t get it. Suddenly there is this connection between both characters and lust and everything. Why? How? I do know their situation isn’t one you want to be in, but still… what?
There is a lot of drama in the second part, which on its own does make sense, but the way it was presented here, was in my eyes a little bit unbelievable. I think me not liking the characters has a part in this to be honest.
That being said, there are other books in this series and I think those might be better. The world building is really great and interesting and definitely different from what I am used to.
Disclaimer: I got a free copy through librarything’s Member Giveaways and was asked to provide an honest review.

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