Review: Memories by Valentina Heart

MemoriesDescription: Marlin is a transsexual who has undergone the hormone replacement therapy for becoming a woman, but her sex reassignment surgery has never taken place. Coming home one night, she is greeted by the sight of her man, Gabe, spread out on the bed just for her.

There was good and there was bad, some of it happy and some of it sad, but as they take a journey through their memories, they light up the old flames. Sex, tears, laughter and a wicked dose of romance show what loving is all about for Marlin and Gabe.

Rating 2/5 Stars

Cover It is a perfect mirror for the story.

Review Let me start with triggers: Transphobia, slurs, rape, suicide attempt. I think that’s all?

Memories is a short story and you have to keep that in mind. But it’s a nice read, nothing special but still nice. The way it was written reminds me of old couples. You know the way they tell stories together?

There are a lot of different memories told in this book, often interrupted by sex, sometimes shown via sex. Let’s be honest, a lot of sex is happening in this book but that’s nothing bad, is it? If that’s what you like of course.

The dialog – and there is a lot of it – was sometimes a little.. unreal. The flow didn’t sound natural to my mind but it wasn’t something that was really bad.


I got the e-copy via NetGalley. Thank you.

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