Beautiful Bloggers Award


Would you look at that? The wonderful Katsmiao nominated me and since I just learned she’s german as well, let me thank her in my/our mother tongue: Vielen lieben Dank! Please go and take a look at her blog if you haven’t already.

This blog’s not even a week old, so I am kinda amazed (kinda, sure….) but really happy, too. Maybe I get to know other book bloggers this way? I’m just getting started after all.


Link to the blogger who took the time to nominate you. List seven random things about yourself. Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers. Notify the amazing people that you nominated for the award.

7 Random things about me.

1. My favourite book as a child was Peterchens Mondfahrt. I think its english title is Peter and Anneli’s Journey to the moon.

2. I needed tutoring in first and second grade, because I had trouble learning to read.

3. I have a habit of getting lost when I’m out with people.

4. I can’t sit on the sofa without a blanket. Yes, even in summer, but then it’s just on my feet or my stomach.

5. I drink my coffee with milk, sugar and cocoa powder.

6. I don’t have a driver’s licence.

7. I’ve never had frozen yoghurt.

My nominees:

1. Katsmiao  You can nominate someone back, right?

2. Ana’s Lair Book and movie reviews.

3. Vacation Mode I really like the pictures.

4. HusbandandHusband The first blog I followed.

5. Little blog of books Just take a look at it.

6. Alexa the shadowgirl not only book reviews but memes as well

7. The Bibliophile Chronicles Such a perfect name.

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