Review: Return Me To Myself by Klio Tsitsikroni

Return Me To MyselfDescription: Klio Tsitsikroni shares her heart-wrenching story of growing up in a dysfunctional family, before turning to drink and drugs to escape the abuse and trauma of her unhappy childhood. Growing up in the 1970s as a young, Greek gay girl meant that Klio struggled to be accepted. Turning to self-harm – a topic not heard of in those days – only isolated her further from the ideals of society. During time in rehab, Klio slowly learned to love herself and to once again believe in her dreams. It is there that she met a group of prostitutes, all damaged in their own way, who came to show her love, shelter and friendship. Armed with a determination to find her first love – Cheryl – Klio fought her addiction in order to turn her life around. Inspired by authors such as Toni Morrison, Charles Bukowski and Constance Briscoe, Klio’s inspirational autobiography demonstrates that, in the face of adversity, anyone can achieve their dreams. A moving read, Return Me to Myself will appeal to anyone in the LGBT community, and to fans of autobiographies.

Rating 1/5 Stars

Cover Look at it. Gorgeous, right? I know I have critized different letter sizes before and it still irks me a little but here it seems kinda right?

Review Let’s be honest, no sugar coating. This book is not one I would encourage you to read. After reading the summary I was really hyped. An honest book about mental health AND mogai, too? I even read it alone because I was afraid it would make me cry.

My expectations were crushed with the first chapter. It’s just one big word vomit, jumping between tenses and left me confused and really indifferent about the character. My thoughts while reading were somewhat like this: You took a hiding, aha… oh smoking, yes and drinking of course… I know you’re strong, you have mentioned it before that. And before that. Ah, next beating.

It is such a sensible topic but it left me feeling nothing. Maybe it was too early to write about her past? And I think it wouldn’t be bad if an editor took a look at the writing.

I read about 45% of the book and then I started skipping pages. And more pages… and then I stopped. I was and still am so not interested in Klio’s story (that is, the way it was presented in the book not her story on its own), that I don’t even know how the book ends. And I think I’ll never want to find out.

I want to add triggers for self-harm and attempted suicide, to be on the safe side.


I got the e-copy via NetGalley. Thank you.


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