Top 9 Things I Need for a Bookish Quarantine “Party”

The stress of this damn world history event has really caught up with me and this cultivated in me reading less than nothing. I tried putting my energy in audio books and while I love listening to them while doing chores or getting out of my home for a walk, I miss cozying up with a book and forgetting everything but the story.

So why not try to visualize the perfect setting for me to find my way back into my preferred way of escaping reality? I’m really grateful for today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt because without That Artsy Reader Girl I wouldn’t have thought about what I need to get back into it.

The Essentials

  • my comfy armchair (I’ll post a picture to my instagram when I finally remember to take one in good lightning)
  • my blanket
  • my reading pillow

The Bookish Parts

The Luxaries

  • very early morning quietness
  • a self made fancy coffee
  • no internet connection

Let’s see if investing more time and energy into The Luxuaries category will get me out of this reading slump. I can’t buy any new books at the moment (okay, there is one preorder but that’s because I preorder all books of the Hazard and Somerset [A Union of Swords now] series) so I’ll have to do with my comfort reads. And also being on the lookout for new interesting ARCs.

Is the current crisis affecting your reading in any way? Let me know how and your ways of coping with it!

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  1. “This damn world history event” is now officially my favorite way to refer to it. But I’m very glad this topic prompted you to plan out a feasible party for one, and I hope very much that you get a chance to make it happen for yourself soon.

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  2. I’m also in a reading slump. It’s hard to find motivation when every day is the same. Maybe throwing a little bookish quarantine party will perk us up and get things flowing again? 🙂

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  3. I started out this lock down with no concentration for reading. Now I have taken to enjoying the first half hour when I wake up with the window open, relative quiet. ( still too many cars my way) and a cup of Green tea.
    Great idea for a list. I will check out the link you put for Artsy Reader.
    Do you use the pillow for your book or your head?
    Amanda xx

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    • So far I didn’t manage to enjoy my luxuries very often but on the days I did? I really boosted my concentration and enjoyment of reading.

      The pillow is for my book, because that way I can rest it on the perfect height for reading – I substitute my backpack for a pillow when I’m reading on the train.


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