Queer Quarantine Reading

I haven’t been blogging – or online really – way before the corona pandemy hit Germany, because I had to deal with many IRL crisis. And when I finally was able to look up again the whole world stood in flames.

Reading has been and probably always will be an escape from the real world for me and since we’re all staying home as much as possible anyway, what better way to spend my time than to reread my favourite books? And if you don’t know these books now is your chance to spend some quality time with queer quarantine reading.

Red, White & Royal Blue
by Casey McQuiston

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all the little Moments
by G Benson

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Tactical Submission
by Ada Maria Soto

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Here’s the Thing
by Emily O’Beirne

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Call Down The Hawk
by Maggie Stiefvater

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Transactional Dynamics
by Gregory Ashe

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Port Lews Witches Vol. 1
By Brooklyn Ray

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Not Dead Yet
By Jenn Burke

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By Elyse Springer

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By Lila Mina

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