Review: Vindicta by Lila Mina

Quick Info

  • Author: Lila Mina
  • Publisher: Fierce editions
  • Release Date: 23.01.2020
  • Series: Temper
    book 4
  • Genre: Erotica, Paranormal, Romance
  • Trigger Warnings: Racism
  • Rating: 5/5 Stars


Would you be able to sacrifice one love to save another?

Two years after the dramatic events that set Lana Martin free from the clutches of the Japanese demon she had been sold to, it is time for her to go back to Italy with her loving family and face her painful past.

After twenty years, the dead demand truth and revenge, but when the corrupted justice of men fail, what will Lana do? In a violent land soaked with the blood of innocents, and with only a few friends she can rely on, Lana doesn’t know whom to trust and where to go. Help will come, but under the most incredible form.

Duty calls, and Lana will have to make terrible choices that could endanger her beloved family despite all her efforts at protecting them. Her husband Honda and her wife Yuki stand at Lana’s sides, but against unspeakable evil, unbreakable bonds of love might not be enough.

The Queer’s Review


’nuff said.

No, but seriously, I wasn’t expecting the sequel to the Temper series to be even better than the first three books, one, because it was finished so soon, but two (and that is the way heavier reason) it’s not possible to be better. Or so I thought.

I really don’t know how I am supposed to write a coherent review of Vindicta when I’m still flailing, fangirling, and squealing over it three months after having it read.

Out of our three main characters Honda has always been the hardest for me to get into – and at first even to deeply like. But somehow that knot has been cut through and now he rivals Lana. Nobody will ever come close to Yuki though.

I really enjoyed the new scenery Lila put us in and how that made cultures and mythologies clash as well as how they came together. (Pun not intended but enjoyed). Even more I enjoyed the insight we gain into Honda’s past and his – dare I say it? – insecurities. I’m also very looking forward to how the new reveals will be handled.

Bookish Thoughts

Condoms everywhere! (Well, not everywhere, but still. Yes for safe sex!)


I received a free copy through the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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