Review: Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning

 Series: Sinners on Tour (book 2)

Genre: Erotica, Romance, LGBT (bi side character)

Rating: 1.5/5 Stars

Cover: Overdone tbh

Links: goodreads

Trigger warnings: sexual harassment, drug addiction, slut shaming

Description: An ultimatum can break your heart…

Every night lead singer, Sed Lionheart whips thousands of women into a frenzy with his voice alone. But the stage is the only place Sed feels any passion since he lost Jessica…

If you’re not willing to break all the rules…

It shattered her heart, but law student Jessica broke off her engagement to Sed, determined to be successful on her own terms. But no other man can ever hold a candle to Sed…

Then a chance meeting and tortuously close quarters lead to uncontrollable flares of passion and rediscovery of their unique penchant for public encounters. Now, in addition to the risk of mutual heartbreak every time they get together, they’re in danger of truly scandalous public exposure…

Review: Can they stop fucking for a minute? OMFG!

There’s a lot of sex. End of review.

No, seriously, I can’t tell you a lot about this book because it’s seems to be only about fucking. Which would be alright if it were only erotica, but it’s supposed to erotic romance… and you need plot for romance and character development and so much more.

You’re probably already guessing that I did not ship Jessica and Sed. At all. Not even a little bit. Honestly I wasn’t giving a chance to start rooting for their romance because there is none.

And to go even further… I kinda despise them. Little spoiler ahead probably, but I won’t be giving too much away, I think. One of their friends is addicted to drugs and they help him get clean without a hospital. While he is in withdrawal they have to fuck right next to him because they just can’t help themselves. What. The. Fuck. Empathy levels are below zero. How can you be horny in a situation like that?! And then go through with it…

The only parts I liked in this novel where those featuring Trey. He is one of my favourite characters in this series and the following one.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. At the beginning I did like Jessica. I was so proud of her for taking her life into her own hands and not giving a fuck about the future Sed had planned for her. God, was he an asshole… And at first I thought there would be no female hating/slut shaming. And then it began and become worse and worse and worse.

FYI: After writing this review I’m lowering my rating from 2 stars to 1.5 stars. I wasn’t aware of how much I hated this book until I started putting it into words and now it doesn’t feel like two stars book to me anymore.


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