5 Steamy LGBT Romance Novels to Fall in Love With

Today I am happy to welcome Caroline as a guest blogger on my blog presenting her 5 recs for steamy LGBT romance novels to fall in love with.


5 steamy


Do you love to open up the book and get the warm and fuzzies? What about the hot and bothered? In this list, there’s a whole lot of both.

From lesbian romance novels to gay erotica, this compiled list of books to make you hot under the collar are sure to put a little pep into your bedtime reading rituals. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start turning pages because Nora Roberts isn’t the only one out there with a gift for words.


  • Loved and Lost, Stephanie Kusiak

Rated Number 1 for Lesbian Erotica on Goodreads, Loved and Lost is Kusiak’s take on Blake and Rachel, a lesbian couple’s relationship that has lasted for 15 years before a terrible accident tears them apart. Coming from the perspective of Blake, Loved and Lost takes one woman’s tragedy and tries to mend it with thoughtful flashbacks, spicy memories and a chance to live life to the fullest no matter what gets thrown at you. Definitely for fans of heartwarming conclusions!

  • Waiting in the Wings, Melissa Brayden

For showgirl fans, Waiting in the Wings is Brayden’s debut novel and entangles her heroines in a story made for the stage. When two musical theater actresses fall for each other, there’s plenty of happiness to go around until their careers get in the way. And while all the hard choices are dealbreakers for the couple, it’s certainly easy for lovers of lesbian erotica to get on board with the duo. This is definitely the best of Brayden and the kind of novel that will make you fall in love with the entire genre.

  • Erotic Tales of the Knights Templar in the Holy Land, Jay Starre

Definitely for history buffs, the Erotic Tales of The Knights Templar In The Holy Land is packed with the kind of raunchy medieval frisk fests that make Game of Thrones so popular—except with a little fewer boobs and a whole lot more of something else. Much more of a deliciously wicked anthology than one total tale, these short stories are in it for the long reward when you only have a few minutes to spend with a book, so don’t hesitate to make the one volume you read this year just this one. For its risky fun, this is the only one that will do.

  • Gemini, Chris Owen

Owen’s entangled lovers Gent and Paul certainly lend an intriguing new storyline to the gay erotica as Gent and Paul’s attraction later includes Paul’s twin Jamie in the mix. If threesomes are your kind of daring adventure, Gemini is the nightstand staple to go by—it’s a little wild, a little and entirely unpredictable.

As a bonus, this one is available in eBook version, so you don’t even have to wait for it to arrive mail order from Amazon. For getting it quick, try this link. For international readers, I suggest grabbing a VPN first to avoid any geo-restrictions you might come across!

  • Visions, Larkin Rose

A great beach read, Visions is all about a chance meeting at a sexy masquerade party and leaves two lovers completely cut off from one another—until “Chance” hands them a second chance. Sexually frustrated blog owner Paige Burton can’t understand how billionaire architect Mayson Montgomery could ever make a good pairing, but Montgomery seems to remember what Burton doesn’t, and this time around the pair gets a little more bliss than just one night in a mask. A little bit trashy, and definitely a non-serious read, this erotica will keep you on your toes.

What makes a good erotica? It’s always a combo, so don’t trust just one of these books—read them all and then decide you’re favorite. It’s the only way to judge which one gives you goosebumps!


About the Author: Caroline is a digital nomad who splits her time between reading her way through the stacks at Barnes and Noble and finding the next great TV show to binge on—no Game of Thrones spoilers, please! Whether it’s written or watchable, great storytelling is her weakness, and she’s out to share the written (and spoken) word with the world.

Did you enjoy her 5 steamy recs for LGBT romance novels? I for sure did. Especially Gemini intrigued me. Are you interested in more of her writing? Check it out here.

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