Review: How to grow an addict by J.A. Wright

How to grow an addictSeries: Standalone

Genre: well…

Rating: 5/5 stars

Cover: Really fitting and nice to look at.

Buy: Amazon

Trigger Warnings: All of them (addictions, abuse, rape, …)

Description: Randall Grange has been tricked into admitting herself into a treatment center and she doesn’t know why. She’s not a party hound like the others in her therapy group—but then again, she knows she can’t live without pills or booze. Raised by an abusive father, a detached mother, and a loving aunt and uncle, Randall both loves and hates her life. She’s awkward and a misfit. Her parents introduced her to alcohol and tranquilizers at a young age, ensuring that her teenage years would be full of bad choices, and by the time she’s twenty-three years old, she’s a full-blown drug addict, well acquainted with the miraculous power chemicals have to cure just about any problem she could possibly have—and she’s in more trouble than she’s ever known was possible.

Review: If I had to describe this book with one sentence, it would be “oh my god”. I don’t know how often I thought this while reading. The writing is really good, so good in fact that you get sucked into the story and can hardly put this book down. At least I had trouble doing so.

The title describes How to grow an addict perfectly, because that’s exactly what it is about. You get taken back to Randall’s really bad childhood and experience her life with her up until she is ‘mistakenly’ admitted to a rehab center. Brace yourself for a really realistic tale, that may make you cry but will leave you with hope.

I got an early ARC and there were some mistakes in it, like missing spaces between words and around 60% the formatting was faulty.

Disclaimer: I was provided through NetGalley with a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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