Wrap up: October

Time for a wrap up! I’m pretty soure I bought more than two books… but I can’t remember!


Memes and discussions

Things that need to stop – or at least decrease in appearance

Top Ten Tuesday


Books I’ve read or reviewed

  • Must love ghosts (ARC) Review
  • Gone Girl (gift) Review
  • Tanz ins Flutlicht (ARC) Review
  • Accidental Killer (ARC) Review
  • The finer points of Thievery (ARC) Review
  • Resurfaced (ARC) Review
  • Siren (won) Review
  • How to be a normal person (bought) Review
  • Bittersüßes Vermächtnis (ARC) Review
  • A banquet of consequences (ARC) Review
  • The Relics of the Gods (ARC) Review
  • The Truth as he knows it (gift) Review
  • How to grow an addict (ARC)
  • Gatekeepers and Dreamweavers (ARC)
  • Noah (gift)
  • Passagier 23 (gift)
  • Crossed (bought)
  • Cappuccino-Küsse (ARC)
  • Catch a ghost (bought)
  • Long time gone (bought)
  • Daylight again (bought)
  • Rule of three (ARC)
  • Sharing a pond (ARC)

Books I’ve bought

  • How to be a normal person
  • Stygian


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