Review: Praying for time by Cassandre Dayne

Praying for timeDescription: What if a single secret shared between friends could destroy everything?

Russell Willis adores Jake Timmons and while their relationship has its ups and downs, they are happy, healthy and living life the way they’ve always dreamed. A well-respected architect, Russell has plans for the future, which include marriage, but in a single moment, his visions are shattered—Jake is gravely ill.

While Jake has always kept his emotions and details about his past locked away, the diagnosis shuts him down into a world of denial, a refusal to face reality. Unsure of what to do, Russell allows him space until he’s certain his lover is having an affair. Angry and confused, he flees, seeking solace, answers and possibly retribution.

Kyle Bass knows about tragedy. His long-time lover was taken in a drunken driving accident, he’s barely on the healing track, and guilt has changed him forever. When he finds out about Jake’s condition, he offers to help, no matter what he’s asked to do. The request rattles his world. Determined to keep the secret, Kyle is led down an emotional trail until he’s unable to cope. As the scheme turns ugly and he’s accused of betrayal, he struggles with his personal demons.

Unfortunately Jake’s health takes a serious turn for the worse. In his quest to bring Russell home, Kyle is forced to face the truth about undying love. Secrets endured from their respective pasts take a damning toll and yet one hidden treasure remains—an unexpected light in a bleak time, but would the two haunted men grasp onto the only thing able to save them? Sadly, as their respective worlds unravel, they are all praying for time.

Rating: 3/5 stars

Cover: Why is there a dog on it? Have I forgotten about the dog?! A Kindle search tells me there is no dog in this story.

Review: The third time is the charm, right? Well, not really in this case. But out of the three books I have read by Cassandre Dayne, I liked this one the most (no strange ‘sound sentences’ like in the other two btw).

As you can read in the description this book deals with one dying partner and how to pick up the pieces. There are books out there like that, but they mostly start after said partner had died. This one starts before. I liked how we got to see how both men (tried) to deal with it.

I didn’t like how confused I was while reading. Some serious editing has to be done, because there were a lot of mistakes like false names (since my edition’s an ARC, I’m assuming this will be edited). Too much shivering and shuddering, fisting one’s mouth (and not just done by one person… I don’t know anybody who does that but here, everyone’s doing it, it seems)… and the word disease was used too often. Just call it by its name.

If you are interested in a different ‘partner is dying’ – story, you can sample and buy it here.

I got the copy for free in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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