Review: After Dark by James Leck

After DarkDescription

Fifteen-year-old slacker Charlie Harker is stuck in the sleepy town of Rolling Hills for the summer, helping his mom renovate his great-grandfather’s creaky  old inn. It’s not entirely dull, thanks to Charlie’s new neighbor Miles Van Hellsing, who insists there’s paranormal activity happening in Rolling Hills. Charlie chalks it up to Miles being the town nutcase. But many townspeople are falling prey to a mysterious illness, and wisecracking Charlie quickly gets wise?: there’s something sinister going on in Rolling Hills.

Rating 3/5 Stars
Cover Well… it is nothing special. A little bit trashy, I think.
Review If I had younger siblings or cousins they would get it for their birthday. Why?
First Charlie’s character was rather amusing to me; this spoiled brat who has to adjust to a new life and then he has to save the world, so to speak. He is afraid, he complains, he is real.
And second there is no slow story building, so you don’t have to read 100 pages for something to finally happen. It is appropiately scary, too.
It’s going to be published on August 1, 2015 so check it out.
I was provided by NetGalley with this ARC in exchange for a honest review. Thank you.

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