Bookish Goals and Resolutions

Last year I had some resolutions for 2021, that… weren’t really put into action. But this doesn’t mean it has to stay that way, so.

For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday Freebie, which you know is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, I’ve decided to take a look at my past resolutions and update them.

Bullet Journal for Book Blogging

I still have the one I started last year but since I wasn’t really following along with it… I will begin a new one and play a little bit with different systems. I’m thinking about keeping it with my regular BuJo to remind me to actually use it.

Deadline for set-up: 31st July 2022

Social Media

There are Twitter and Instagram accounts for The Queer Bookish. I know I was surprised as well. But joking aside, I do wanna use them. For Twitter I’m thinking about doing some live tweeting for books I’m reading – that way I could keep some notes as well. Maybe. We will see.

Deadline: Starting as soon as I pick up the next book I’m not re-reading.

As for Instagram… I’ve got a project that I’m procrastinating on for… years. I want to start that one soon-ish.

Deadline: I don’t know. I haven’t set up anything. Maybe around September 2022?

A variety of posts

Let’s be honest. I said I would collect some ideas. I didn’t collect any ideas.

Deadline: 24th July 2022

But I guess writing about my progress for my Blogging BuJo could be turned into one or two blog posts. We’ll see.

All in all, I want to dive back into blogging. I know if I work on my scheduling I’ll be able to have at least some time to work on my blog and connect with the community again. I miss reading your posts and commenting on them!

What blog post of yours are proud of the most? Link it in the comments for me to read if you’d like.

I’ll try to set aside an hour or two at the beginning of each month to draft book reviews and other blog posts. Hopefully that way I’m able to get back into the flow.

Is there anything you would like to read about from me?

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  1. Good luck with the goals! I’m interested in how you do your BuJo for book blogging. I’ve tried bullet journaling just for everyday life, but I think I’m too lazy to both create my own planner and keep up with it. I’m also intrigued by the idea of live tweeting.

    My goals: post on the blog more consistently and schedule posts more.

    Stop by and see my very first Top Ten Tuesday!


    • Journaling helps me de-stress so I usually I’m able to stick to it. I don’t know why it didn’t work with the one for my blog purposes. Maybe I’ll find out.

      I don’t even open Instagram on a daily basis, but maybe following your posts will help?

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      • Embarrassingly only TV helps me de-stress. My mind can wander when I am reading, but it rarely does with TV 🤣

        I post everyday to keep myself present. I used to do it more but I now have a good amount of followers and I am not far off my limit for following people back so I’ve slowed down.

        Feel free to have a look 😊 I try to use photos from places I have been as a background so recently I’ve been using photos taken in Kefalonia (I went there in 2013).


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