3 Blogging Resolutions for 2021

I usually don’t set any resolutions or anything for the new year – mostly I do this on a monthly basis or I’m starting something new on a Monday because… well, that’s when my week starts and I like having a a good start.

But when I looked at the prompts to come over at That Artsy Reader Reader Girl this one somehow clicked with me and I sat down and thought about it.

What do I want to accomplish with The Queer Bookish?

I’m not setting goals like “by April I want x amount of followers” or something like that because this kinda pressure would result in me not enjoying my blog anymore.

  • But I do wanna work on my blogging routine. More often than not I write posts on the day I want to publish them because I forgot about them or didn’t schedule them into my week/month and then there simply wasn’t any time before. So an editorial calender (that I really work with) is one of my resolutions for 2021. I made a blogging only BuJo for this whereas in the years before I just used one for everything, but that wasn’t as satisfying because I’ve got different needs for personal planning and life than for my blog.
  • Social Media. I’m not tweeting or instagraming a lot which ends up in me joking that people who are on hiatus are being more present a week than I am a month. I worry a lot about aesthetics because I don’t have all those fancy props most (?) bookstagrams seem to have but… I don’t need to. My style always has been rather chaotic minimalist so why not stick to that? Also I seriously do not have the time or patience to prepare or do photo sessions like that. I admire people who do but I won’t be one of them.
  • Variety of posts. In the beginning I wrote a few commentary pieces but I haven’t in ages and I kinda miss it. So I guess I’ll collect ideas to write about later on instead of simply ignoring them like I usually do. Maybe I’ll publish the first one this month, maybe not. Time will tell. I could also rewrite those I did in the beginning because they are years old now that I think about it.

What are your resolutions for 2021?

One of my not blogging related resolutions is to journal more. I’ve started that one in November though so it’s not a 2021 specific one.

Tell me about your resolutions for 2021 or overall goals/plans that you’ve tackling or setting up for? Reading/blog related or not, I’m really curious about yours.

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  1. You’ll never guess my resolution… to chew more slowly! It came out of nowhere, & now I love it: chewing each mouthful 25-30 times (apples take 40 it seems, who knew?). And it gives me lots of time to sit & quietly think about blogging… 😎 Cheers from G in Australia


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