NOT going on a break but…

There hasn’t been much action on this blog these last few months, now has there?

There are many reasons for this but I won’t go into detail. Just some health stuff and then work stuff and now new work stuff.

So, I started working at a new work place at the beginning of september and there’s a lot I need to do right now and in a few months I really gotta study for my upcoming very important exams.

So I don’t have as much time to blog like I used to. I don’t have as much time to read like I used to either.

I do have some review notes in my notebook, I just need to write them. I plan on having at least 2 reviews a month, but 4 would be preferred. So theoretically I could publish one once a week to prove that I am not dead.

I do want to start this sentence this way simply to keep in that pattern I unknowingly established in this post. Sorry, I’m exhausted and therefore I find not funny stuff kinda funny right now.


I promise to be more active but not as active as I used to. I still love my blog and chatting with y’all about books!

Right now I’m reading a book that I love very, very much so that will encourage me to sit down my ass and write more reviews.

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