Review: Tactical Submission by Ada Maria Soto

Quick Info
Tactical Submission

  • Series: Windsor Club
    book 1
  • Genre: Contemporary, Erotica, Romance
  • Trigger Warnings: emotional child abuse, hostage situation (non explicit)
  • Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Tactical Submission

SWAT commander Jack Burnside is haunted by his craving to kneel before another man. Of all the things he hates about himself – his overtly masculine size and strength, his blue eyes, his insecurities – it is the need to submit that he fears will destroy him.

Doctor Isaac Bard is close to achieving his perfect life. He has a great job with the Coroner’s Office and an open marriage to a loving wife who understands his needs better than he does. The only thing he is missing is a handsome young man to dominate, spoil rotten, and love.

Jack and Isaac might be a perfect match in the back rooms of the exclusive Windsor Club, but will the outside pressures of perception and duty tear them apart?

The Queer’s Review

Sequel! I want a sequel!

I’ll try to make sense of my review notes but honestly? They’re mostly “mmm yes!” And I don’t even mean that in the sexual sense. While this is an erotica and there is a lot of sex there… there somehow isn’t at the same time even though there is.

Hah. I don’t even understand myself, how are you’re supposed to? Okay, I’ll try again. There are a lot of sexual scenes in Tactical Submission. Too many for my taste. But what makes it special is that these scenes manage to make me believe Isaac and Jack’s relationship and how they fall for each other. Simply because they are so character-driven instead of “and they fucked”.

Speaking of characters. I’m unable to decide on a favourite. If I had to I’d chose Amelie because she is so awesome and fleshed out even though she is only a minor character. But I love Jack and Lydia and Isaac and Dan as well! And the Coven even though they don’t even have a speaking part – I’m still very sad about this.

A thing with most bdsm stories (and non bdsm m/m ones as well – let’s be honest) is that the taller guy is the more muscular is the dominating is the topping guy. And while I like these guys as dominant tops, I like them as submissive bottoms and every area between, too. Jack and Isaac are wonderful in breaking through clichés. Jack especially is not what you expect.

(…) but he learned early on that being a Dom had nothing to do with height and everything to do with frame of mind ~ kindle pos. 88

Communication? Check.

Introspection (or somewhat shrink kink-y – you know what I’m talking about if you’ve read a certain polyam bdsm universe)? Check.

Gentle domination? Check.

What’s not to like?

Bookish Thoughts

There will be a sequel!

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