Review: The Open Window by Eve Francis

 Series: Standalone

Genre: LGBT (f/f, lesbian character, bisexual character, gay side character, asexual side character), Romance

Rating: 3,5/5 Stars

Cover: It sums up this book nicely.

Links: goodreads, publisher

Trigger warnings: Mention of religious/christian issues regarding homosexuality.

Description: When Morgan O’Brian’s mother dies, she leaves an inheritance which finally allows for Morgan to pursue her writing career full time. As she prepares a proposal for one of her largest projects yet, she runs into a black cat on the night of the full moon and knows this is a bad omen—until a cute woman appears and invites her to Chinese food instead. After a magical night, Morgan believes that her luck is about to change.

Valentina Lyall, who also goes by Velouria in her electro-punk band The Asexual Kinks, is almost thirty and often feels as if she’s making up for lost time. After leaving a long term relationship and a difficult family behind, Val believes she is finally on the right path in life—especially if Morgan and her band are beside her.

Falling in love is easy and simple for Val and Morgan until a stranger from Val’s past emerges and both of their careers begin to change and grow. As Morgan tries to predict the future in bad omens and black cats, Val worries she’ll be left behind.

Review: A nice and easy read.

I had fun reading The Open Window. Both Morgan and Val are interesting characters with their own quirks and faults, something which makes this romance very believable. I loved how they met and I would love if more people would think like Val. I won’t spoiler you so if you are curious now, you have to read this novel. But I can tell you (since it’s in the description as well) that Morgan believes in magic and all things related. Since I am working at a publishing house concentrating on spiritual books this was rather interesting to me.

Usually f/f romances are only cute stories but with this one you get some rather sexy sex scenes as well. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting this, but it was a nice surprise.

I do have two regrets about this book though. First one is the asexual side character. Since the band is called The Asexual Kinks I was kinda expecting that asexuality would be a theme in this book. But it’s not. One side character is ace but aside from her saying it once there is no mention of this ever again.

The second is the drama. Its resolve was far too quickly done and felt unrealistic because of this.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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