Review: Across the pond by Cheri Crystal

41tiu3tv2-l-_sx326_bo1204203200_ Series: Standalone

Genre: LGBT (f/f), Romance

Rating: 2/5 stars

Cover: Very fitting.

Buy: Amazon

Trigger warnings: lots of talk about weight and calories

Description: After having been betrayed by her partner of thirteen years, Janalyn isn’t looking for another relationship, especially not one separated by miles of ocean.
But when she travels to Devon, England, for a conference and meets a sporty Brit named Robyn, desires Janalyn thought were permanently lost are suddenly back and stronger than ever.
Despite cultural differences, poking fun at each other’s use of the English language, and Robyn coming off as a player, Janalyn can’t help the attraction she feels, no matter how hard she tries.
Can she and Robyn find a common ground upon which to make a life together? Will Janalyn throw caution to the wind and risk her heart again? If Janalyn does indeed venture across the pond, will love be her life preserver?

Review: First of all, I found the description to be a little bit misleading. There is not much loving across the pound. I was expecting a long-distance romance. I didn’t get one.

There are a few things that could have been left out, like working out at the gym for example and all that talk about food and how you have to watch your weight and wether you’re allowed to eat xyz or not because of calories.

But let’s get to the actual story, which consists of two parts. Janalyn and her first girlfriend and then Janalyn and Robyn. The relationship between her and the first girlfriend seemed strange (read: unhealthy). Luckily that one ends. And then after lots of hard work she is in England on a conference and she meets Robyn. And there is absolutely no chemistry between them at all. I didn’t get it. But they keep skipping out of important meetings (very professional by the way) to ‘date’ each other and/or have sex. Right now I can’t think of a relationship that left me as untouched as this one. And a quick question: I am german, so I don’t know much about british and american culture, but are they that different that one has to worry about language barriers and if the differences can be overcome? I was a little bit confused by that drama.

One reason for the nonexistent chemistry seems to be Janalyn. I often asked myself how old she is and how can one feel possessive over someone they know for a day. I didn’t really get a feeling for Robyn either to be honest.

Their whole romance happens in a few days, something I can never get behind.

All in all it sounded very promising but it ended up being disappointing.

Disclaimer: I was provided by Ylva Publishing with a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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  1. The entire book sounds very shallow… too much worry about appearance, too much sex, no depth at all. And as far as I know, there aren’t very significant differences between American and British language/culture. 😦 Great review though!

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