Review: Siren by Jennifer Melzer

Siren Series: Standalone

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Rating: dnf at 36%, Chapter 14

Cover: Powerful.

Buy: Amazon

Trigger warnings: None

Description: Siren Talbot’s life is plagued with storms. Her mother’s insanity was the first, though not the last. Called to the ocean, not even the shores of Edisto Island can calm the tempest inside her.

Though she’s settled into a life with Patrick, his promises of a happily ever after can’t still the foul weather of her past or the brewing squall on the horizon. She’s haunted by the disappearance of her first love, Carver, and the lack of answers.

A single clue unlocks mysteries she can’t explain. A murder cements the impossible as possible. The more magic she uncovers, the darker her suspicions become and the more the hurricane inside her starts to rage.

Patrick isn’t the Prince Charming he claims to be.

And he knows exactly what happened to Carver.

Review: I wasn’t able to like Siren. At all. She is supposed to be an adult, but most of the time she seems like an “emo girl”. She goes on and on about how there is this curse on her, that her mother left, that everyone she ever loved leaves her… It was exhausting. If there would have been at least some more information about this curse or about her mother’s disappearance. But up until 36% there was none. Even though said topics were mentioned more than one.

Another thing was even more mentioned: Proposal and marriage. Most of what I have read was about this. Thinking back there wasn’t much happening. Carver disappears, then suddenly she is married to another (creepy) guy. A guy whose hobbies she doesn’t know. What?

I think this book will get more action sometime but I just wasn’t willing to read any more about the f***ing ring of Carver and how he was supposed to ask Siren to marry him.

Bonus points for the writing style and the cat.

If you are willing or like to read rather slow-paced novels this might be the one for you.

Disclaimer: I won Siren at Readaways and wrote an honest review of it.

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