Review: To Love a Traitor by JL Merrow

to-love-a-traitor Description: Wounds of the heart take the longest to heal.

When solicitor’s clerk George Johnson moves into a rented London room in the winter of 1920, it’s with a secret goal: to find out if his fellow lodger, Matthew Connaught, is the wartime traitor who cost George’s adored older brother his life.

Yet as he gets to know Matthew—an irrepressibly cheerful ad man whose missing arm hasn’t dimmed his smile—George begins to lose sight of his mission.

As Matthew’s advances become ever harder to resist, George tries to convince himself his brother’s death was just the luck of the draw, and to forget he’s hiding a secret of his own. His true identity—and an act of conscience that shamed his family.

But as their mutual attraction grows, so does George’s desperation to know the truth about what happened that day in Ypres. If only to prove Matthew innocent—even if it means losing the man he’s come to love.

This is a novel-length expansion of previously published novella.


Rating: 3/5 stars

Cover: So beautiful.

Review: Let me start with the good parts. I really liked the idea. I liked how George couldn’t decide if he could trust Matthew or not. If you suspect someone of being responsible of your brother’s death you wouldn’t let go of your suspicions after two days, right? George really struggles with this, because Matthew is a really nice man but the evidence piles up…

The way their friendship was developed and then something more was well done. It’s 1920, you can’t go straight up to a man and say ‘let’s f***k’. Well, you could… but you shouldn’t.

Sadly the book starts a little lame. And it stays somewhat this way.

Near the end George finally gets to know the truth. It should be a big issue, shouldn’t it? But it is so unbelievably fast solved… there is this huuuge build up and then that? It was rather disappointing.

It will be published on september 15th. You can preorder it now.


I got it as an ARC via NetGalley for free in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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