Review: Now What?: For Families with Trans and Gender-Nonconforming Children by Rex Butt

Now whatDescription: Despite growing but limited awareness of gender variance, the books available on the topic largely ignore the needs of families who struggle to understand and support their gender-nonconforming loved ones. Now What? For Families with Trans and Gender-Nonconforming Children offers a comprehensive approach to the issues and challenges that families must confront. It defines terms, explains options, provides resources, lays out the history of transgenderism, and offers guidance through the myriad issues that confront families with a gender-nonconforming child. Practical in approach and authoritative in scope, it provides information and support for families with children of all ages, offering help to families with a transgender adult as well as those with a pre-school child who is shouting, “Stop calling me a boy! I’m a girl. Tell them, Mommy!”
Finally, here is a book for the parent facing the confusion, anxiety, fear, frustration and guilt that accompany this journey. Perhaps you don’t know what to say to your child. Perhaps you wish you could take back what you just said, or you wonder how to respond to the callous remarks of others, or you find yourself continuously asking, “Now What?” After reading this book, you will have a solid working knowledge of the issues you are likely to encounter and will have the tools needed to adopt clear strategies for dealing with those issues.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Cover: It demands your attention, I’d say

Review: This is a well written book. I really like how inclusive it is, in more ways than one.

It doesn’t matter if your child is FTM or MTF, each gets separate information. But this book doesn’t concentrate on the things your child could do (hormones for example get a lot of information), it focusses on the parents. On the thoughts they may have, feelings of guilt, how to deal with coming out to your family and friends, how to talk to their (adult) child. There are a lot of little interviews done with parents of trans* children, so you know, you are not alone with your feelings and problems.

The e copy I got, wasn’t finished yet (a lot of repeating sentences for example) but it seemed well researched without being too science-y.

You can buy for example it here or here.

I was provided by Transgress Press with a free ARC in exchange for a honest review. Thank you.

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