Book Haul: Better World Books

I have blogged about Better World Books before. I got my package on saturday, so nearly a month after ordering the books. This may seem long, but keep the following things in mind: USA to Germany, I had no shipping costs and the german post offices went on a rather long strike.

WP_20150727_10_26_04_ProThey are in used condition, but you don’t really see it. Both books are wrapped in an extra book cover. Since it’s see through you can’t see it on the photo, but it is there! I think I’ll keep this protective sleeve… and I wish new books were wrapped in it as well.

I ordered this little gimmick as well, since it’s for free. I plan to use it as a bookmark… hopefully I won’t lose it. WP_20150727_10_26_16_Pro

I think I should maybe make a list with books I want to read this month… there are so many on my shelf I haven’t read yet. And don’t ask me after my Kindle, there are hundreds on it.

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