Review: Maybe we’re all ghosts too by C. Downing

Maybe we're all ghosts too Description: Ashok Kumar is nineteen years old, wheelchair-bound and desolate after the death of his boyfriend. There are only two things keeping him going: his work, as co-director of an independent film – and Kiran, his housemate, who is also a prostitute.
Both boys care deeply about each other, but are reluctant to enter into anything stronger than friendship, Kiran constrained by his present and Ashok by his past. As their relationship strengthens, Ashok becomes frustrated with what he sees as Kiran’s reluctance to save himself – and Kiran strives to protect him from the dark world of his work, while inadvertently drawing him in even deeper.
Eventually, they both know, they will have to make a choice between what they know – and what could be. Security, or love?

Rating: 5/5 stars

Cover: I like the colour but the cover isn’t the reason I picked this ebook.

Review: If you haven’t read it, please go and do it now. It’s been a few months since I’ve read it, but the feeling it left behind, I can still recall clearly.

It was a very emotional read, lots of bad things happening, the whole…. cruelty of people… But I couldn’t put it down, so I had to read it in one session. While there is so much abuse in this book, there is so much hope, too.

This is the most diverse book I have ever read. The characters are well written, the side characters aren’t behaving like side characters – each one of them has their little story to tell.

I can imagine this story happening in real life with absolutely no problems.

If you are triggered by the following things, you should precede with caution if you decide to read it: Hate crimes, gay bashing, murder, religious conflict, self-injury, self-hate, sex work, sexual assault, …

But don’t forget, there is a whole lot of love, too!


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