Review: Dark Glass by David Skynner

Dark Glass Description: Cameron is the director of a once successful ‘Ghost Hunter’ TV show, now discredited as remorselessly and cynically faked, but on the crew’s final outing before being cancelled, he believes his prayers have been answered when they realise they have found the real thing; a being that appears to exist only in reflections. They are not mistaken, but the spirit that confronts them is as old as the world itself, powerful and knowing beyond measure and it has a purpose. Each must face and find a way to own what their personal demons have made of them. They face a desperate fight to survive, but battling the pain they have hidden from themselves they are already at a disadvantage. The spirit does not care if they survive or not, for its purpose will be fulfilled either way, it cares only that they confront the truth about themselves.

Rating: 3/5 stars

Cover: I really like the colours.

Review: This is a really creepy book! Things you can only see if they’re reflected somewhere? Brr. I like how there is a different reasoning for the spirit’s haunting than most of the time. So why have I ‘only’ given 3 stars?

I didn’t like the way of writing that much, but that is personal taste. What bothered me more was the characterization, which I found to be really cliched.


I got it as an ARC via Storycartel in exchange for a honest review. Thank you.

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