Review: The Dystopian Nation of City-State – “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants” by Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills & James Courtney

The Dystopian Nation of City-State  Prescription for Ratings The ContestantsDescription: The Health and Ethical Entertainment Committee has finalized the scripts for City-State’s newest and hottest reality television show, “The Blade’s Edge: Family Edition”, but Dr. Tyler Wright is mandated to preform a deadly twist ending as instructed by his colleagues.

As the contestants battle against one another within a penthouse on Layer Seven, only one can win. This bloody and brutal fight to the death not only challenges the physical and the emotional capacities of the contestants, but they are pitted against each other by the committee to win over audiences and draw in high ratings.

In this short narrative (around 7,200 words), the reality show contestants struggle with their troubled pasts and their obsession for fame, fortune, and a higher quality of life while young Dr. Wright attempts to pacify the other committee members and uphold his status in the medical field.

This is the first piece in a series of two. This first short story focuses on the contestants within the television show, and the second piece will focus on the committee and its governmental influence regarding the City-State’s entertainment system

Cover I’m no fan of this kind of cover (drawn and the like), but it shows exactly what the book’s about.

Rating 3/5 Stars

Review I haven’t read anything from this series, so I jumped right in without any knowledge of this world. And you can do that in this case.

I love dystopian novels. I loved how violent this one was, how raw. Even though it’s just a short story you get to know each character a little and there’s a lot of action, too. And blood of course, so if that’s a big No for you… don’t pick this one up.

There was just a little something I did’t like, therefore 3 stars instead of 4. You’ve got an action scene and you’re really in it (at least I was) and then ‘cut’ and you get to know the past of the character. And then back to the action scene. I know that this is often done but for me it always kills the experience a little.

Still, it’s wort reading and I really want to know more about this world. How about you?


I got it as an ARC in exchange for a honest review. Thank you.

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