Monthly Wrap Up: Queer in August 2022

As a way to track my efforts and reflect on my work, I’ve decided to bring back my monthly wrap-ups. I wrote those a few years ago, but when I didn’t have time and energy to blog, I stopped, because it was rather frustrating.

Queer Book Reviews in August 2022

If you missed a review of mine this month, this is your chance to read it. Maybe your next favourite queer book is hidden among them? Although I do admit, I really disliked one of those books…

  • Review: How to Tame a Dragon by Lila Mina
    I love Lila Mina’s Temper Series featuring older POC characters. My review tells you how queer paranormal romance How to Tame a Dragon holds up to it.
  • Review: Give and Go by F.A. Ray
    Queer Contemporary Sports Romance with a touch of BDSM Give and Go by F.A. Ray didn’t exactly work for me. Let the ranting review start!
  • Review: Out of the Ashes by Jenn Burke
    How does book three of queer paranormal romance series Ashes & Dust compare to book two?
  • Review: Stone Wings by Jenn Burke
    This queer paranormal romance features the fake dating trope and is full of banter and interesting lore.

Memes and Discussions from a Queer POV in August 2022

  • All About eBooks
  • Have you ever switched reading genres?
  • Reviewing Books
  • Queer Backlist Books
  • Balancing Blogging and Life
  • Help Authors Without Reviewing
  • Queer YA Books for School

Bookish Reflections for August 2022

So far, I’m quite happy with the work I’ve done on The Queer Bookish this month and I’m 99 % sure my book blogging Bujo has been a huge part of my success. There are a few things I want to tweak, but I am already excited to set it up for 2023. As well as to start planning how to introduce you to the way I’m doing Bullet Journaling for my blog.

I enjoyed most of the books I’ve reviewed this month, but I’m not that surprised since those are written by my beloved authors Lila Mina and Jenn Burke.

I’m especially glad I decided to take part in Aria’s Let’s Talk Bookish meme which she hosts @Book Nook Bits because of that I got the inspiration to write my thoughts about Balancing Blogging and Life (and Working).

I’ve also replied to every email that sat in my inbox. There are still some comments I have to reply to though and quite some posts from fellow bloggers I want to read. I should probably block some time for that this weekend.

What’s your favourite piece you’ve published and/or read this month? Let me know and link to it in the comments!

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