Review: Comet’s First Christmas by Delilah Night

Quick Info
Comet’s First Christmas

  • title: Comet’s First Christmas
  • author: Delilah Night
  • publisher: self-published
  • release date: 20.10.2020
  • series: The North Pole Chronicles
    Book 1
  • genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
  • diversity: mental health
  • content warnings: none
  • rating: 5/5

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Comet’s First Christmas

A bad Santa is turning believers faster than melting snow. Can the mystery be solved in time for Christmas?


I’ve dreamed of this day for years, and now it’s reality. I’ve been called up for the Big Show. Official Pole phone and email, Naughty-or-Nice login, and upgraded I.D. with my new job title—Comet. In three weeks, I’ll be part of the team flying Santa around the world.

In an instant my life goes from peaceful, if boring, to a blizzard of last-minute flight preparations, route planning, and anxiety-triggering stress.

The moment I meet my P.A., Jillian, her beautiful smile and sparkling blue eyes are an oasis of calm. But I’ve barely got enough time to wonder if her plump lips taste as sugarplum sweet as they look. Disturbing news has popped up on Santa’s radar.

Someone is turning Santa’s most fervent believers into non-believers overnight. If we can’t find and stop this hacker, there won’t be enough reindeer cutout cookies and hot chocolate in the world to restore balance to Santa’s Naughty-or-Nice list in time for Christmas Eve.

Note to reader: What sweet Christmas romance would be complete without reindeer, The Nutcracker, ice skating at Rockefeller Center, and New York pizza?

The Queer’s Review

A sweet F/F christmas romance, finally!

And it even offers fantasy/paranormal features too! Though I do admit that I was slightly worried there could be bestiality in Comet’s First Christmas – with Claudia being a reindeer and all. Luckily this is not the chase! The reindeers can shift between their human and their animal form and I love how Delilah Night incorporates this aspect into the story.

But more about the world building later because first I have to gush about Claudia’s anxiety. Which kinda ties back into the worldbuilding. The anxiety is not a cute little quirk to be forgotten about, instead it affects her on and off. She feels it and the reader feels it with her. I love how Claudia takes us through her grounding exercises as well. I guess one reason for it being so authentic is that it’s ownvoices.

The way I am cheering for Jillian and Claudia though? That’s all down to Delilah’s writing style. And I say this even though it’s a really fast-paced romance. One that I usually wouldn’t feel at all. It is noticable that Comet’s First Christmas isn’t that long but the dates and overall interactions between those two are still so lovely written and not rushed though that it felt like they were dating longer than they actually did.

I also enjoyed the mystery around the bad santa which turned out more thought through than I anticipated.

Bookish Thoughts

Basically everything I love about this sweet christmas romance boils down to worldbuilding. I haven’t encountered a story like this yet and I’m excited for the next part – even though I have to wait like a year for it. But at least I know which book to pick up to get into a christmas-y mood in 2021.

There are so many little tidbits throughout the story from the way of reindeer having to study to act human all the way to today’s technology being used for Santa-business that I simply fell in love with this world and I’m not totally convinced that it isn’t true.


I received a free copy through the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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