Review Tour: Finding Tranquility: A Love Story by Laura Heffernan

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Quick Info
Finding Tranquility: A Love Story

  • Author: Laura Heffernan
  • Publishing House: Wild Rose Creative Content
  • Release Date: 21.01.2020
  • Series: Standalone
  • Trigger Warnings: Sexual Assault, Terrorism (9/11), Transphobia
  • Rating: 4/5 Stars

Finding Tranquility: A Love Story

Jess Cooper lost her husband on 9/11. Just not in the way she thought.

On September 11, 2001, Brett Cooper checks into a flight to go on an interview for a job he doesn’t want, in a city where he doesn’t want to live. All to make his wife happy. He loves her, but he’s not happy in his marriage. Or in his body, really. As boarding begins, Brett panics and gives his ticket away. When his plane strikes the World Trade Center, he realizes that he’s been given a second chance to live the life he always wanted.

Brett disappears into the chaos, hoping to figure out who he’s meant to be. With help from some new friends, Brett begins to transition into Christa. A tragedy sends Christa further north to Canada, where she builds a new life. For fifteen years, everything is peaceful and easy until Jess reappears.

Jess used her husband’s life insurance to go to medical school. When she discovers that she’s actually not a widow, it throws her entire future into question. Making matters more complicated is the discovery that all of the love Jess held for her spouse is alive and well. Christa and Jess must figure out what the future holds for them–if Christa has a future at all, with the reemergence of the missing Canadian woman whose identity Christa “borrowed”.

Can love conquer all, or is it sometimes better to let go?

The Queer’s Review

I was worried I wouldn’t like this one. Luckily I was proven wrong.

I was actually so hooked that I didn’t take a lot of notes while reading, simply because I didn’t want to put Finding Tranquility down. Having to get off at the end of line of public transportation to come home might have saved me more than once.

But what did I like so much about this novel? Simply said, the characters. Both Christa and Jess get to show their life and thoughts to the reader so I was able to get a good feeling for both of them.

And I really love Jess’ POV because her emotions are just a mess. Years ago she grieved her husband, but got up and made a life for herself. And then she discovers what really happened.

So often a character is angry, a short talk later, all was well forever. Not here. Jess really has to work through her emotions and thoughts and everything was not well forever. That’s actually what I was afraid of. At least I was pretty sure Finding Tranquility wouldn’t turn out to be along the lines of Truth Be Told: Adam Becomes Audrey. So at least there’s that.

Christa is misgendered more than once, a few times by Jess – although I’m not sure if that was meant to happen – but most of the time by transphobic assholes.

Bookish Thoughts

I wanna tell you so much about this book but I can’t because then I would end up spoilering you. So without any context I have to tell you that I was moved to tears and during one particular scene I was really stressed out, because the writing sucked me right in and I felt like I was experiencing it myself.


The author provided me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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