Queer Audiobooks to listen to & a special Audible Discount

Bookish Thoughts

Or maybe rather Bookish Whining? I said time and time again, I don’t want to listen to audiobooks. The main reason for my refusal was that I feared never going back – what if I ended up liking listening to them? Audiobooks are fucking pricey!

I ignored more or less sucessfully the discount Amazon offers you if you buy an ebook through them. I mean, I was tempted. But still… if I end up liking them my poor bank account would suffer.

I also feared I wouldn’t be able to follow the story because my mind tends to wander if my eyes don’t have anything to focus on. I am able to listen to podcasts though – and honestly, if you are able to get the story of Welcome to Night Vale, you’ll be able to get everything else too.

Get 6 months of Audible for half price

And here’s the main reason why I decided to give Audioobooks a try: until December 18th Audible offers everyone new to their services to get 6 months for 4,95 € and starting the 7th month you’ll pay 9,95 €. If you’re interested in this offer and would like to see for yourself if you’d benefit from it, you can take a look at it *[affiliate link].

The Queer’s Listening List

Aren’t there more than 6 books? Yes. Could I have listed way more than 12? Also yes.

I already read every one of those books but Hush, so I could get quite a few of them for that discount you get if you’ve alread bought the ebook.

I’m like 90% sure I’ll get that Audible offer and then I’ll ask my trusted sources for queer audio books to listen to that I don’t already know. I’ll give you an updated list when I start going down that route. I’m already saying when, seems like my subconscious won’t let me use if anymore…

But for now I’ll try to decide which of the 2,95 € audiobooks I should get.

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