Bookstogetlostin becomes The Queer Bookish!

New Blogging Creativity

After finally meeting up with a certain blogger again a few weeks ago thoughts began to crystalize and I finally understood why I didn’t blog the way I used to anymore.

So I began working though and analysing Bookstogetlostin and it didn’t take me long to feel like a needed a new name. I knew what I wanted – in theory – but I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly I needed. Turns out Annie could help with that too. So basically she’s the whole reason why I can call myself a blogger again.

What will change?

I’ve got a few things planned and I’m excited to work on and as The Queer Bookish. I can’t update old posts the way my new ones are going to be because I lack the information but from now on I’ll include even more details in my posts.

Since I’m not only Queer but Bookish as well, I publish more (hopefully) thought-provoking pieces.

But mainly you can expect only queer books from now on. To be honest like 98% of Bookstogetlostin’s books were queer anyway but I had non queer books on it as well. This will change – I’ll read my non queer books but keep that private and don’t discuss it on my blog. I can’t say the same for my personal twitter, that’s why I made an account just for The Queer Bookish. That way you’ll get all the queer bookishness you want without any distractions. Follow the private one for everything else.

Work with me

If you’re interested in taking part in The Queer Bookish, mail me and we can work something out. Same goes if you want a little queer bookish piece at your media outlet.

Are you excited? I’m excited!

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