Review: Captive by Donna K. Ford

Quick Info

  • Series: Standalone
  • Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Thriller
  • Trigger Warnings: assault, rape mentions, maybe more
  • Rating: dnf


Greyson Cooper is exactly where she wants to be in life when she sets out on a section hike of the Appalachian Trail. When she’s abducted and placed into slavery in a fight club, she isn’t about to be a part of their barbaric plan and does everything she can to upset the ranks, even if it costs her life.

Olivia Danner has worked hard for everything she has; all that’s left is her dream job and someone to share her life with. But her plans are cut short when a man who wants her as his personal prize kidnaps her.

Together in captivity, Olivia and Greyson become players in a game of deceit and violence. To survive and escape, they will have to figure out whom they can trust. If they can get out alive, the next challenge will be forging a path to lasting love.

The Queer’s Review

When applying for an ARC I don’t read other bloggers’ reviews of it.

But I kinda wish I had done that with Captivate because I would have spared myself from boredom.

I can’t tell you much about anything to be honest. The characters felt very one-dimensional, the budding romance was meh at best and… well, I really was simply bored. I would have struggled on – read: skim read – but having one of the MCs in a possibly very dangerous situation drinking alcohol and thinking about how she needs the whole bottle? Nope. That’s so far from realistic that I don’t want to know how much worse it’ll get. Human trafficking is a very serious and horrible theme. I want it to be handled realistic and responsible.  

Before reading Captive I doubted how a Romance could be handled in this situation. But I kept an open mind and gave it a chance.

Bookish Thoughts

Maybe you want to give it a chance as well. But I’d totally understand you if you don’t.


I received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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