Review: The Interludes: A Sexual Odyssey by J.K. Duval

Quick Info
The Interludes
A Sexual Odyssey

  • Series: Standalone
  • Genre: Contemporary, Erotica
  • Trigger Warnings: body shaming, body weight issues, maybe more
  • Rating: dnf at 34%

The Interludes
A Sexual Odyssey

The Interludes, A Sexual Odyssey, is the fun sexy erotic novel for mature audiences. All the characters have only one thing in common, they’re all named Jordan. Whether they are women or men they share the same first name, but that’s where the similarities end. Seven different Jordans will take you along for almost every conceivable match-up in some seriously sexy locales.

From a beach-side cottage along the warm moonlit waters of Jamaica to a shower stall in London’s famed Claridge’s Hotel, across the hills of Tuscany to a magnificent 18 room oceanfront shingle style home on the western shores of Martha’s Vineyard, these are just a few of the places that will spread out before you on this journey of erotic discovery.

If you blush easily, you might want to look elsewhere for your night-table reading. Then again you may wish to share what’s behind this cover with someone you love and create your own sexual odyssey.

The Queer’s Review

I really wanted to like this erotica book.

The idea is great, different characters, different sexual experiences, and they all have the same name? But not every story has actual sexual scenes in it. Which is… strange, in this case? But okay. If there are sex scenes they range from okay to somewhat hot. If that were all, I would’ve read the whole book.

I was confused about the self labelled lesbian though. Like I know that lesbians can sleep with men? Especially before knowing they are lesbians, but why have a lesbian character in this book and then have her sleep in detail with a man but when she meets a woman she’s interested in, the story’s over?

I could have struggled on.


Why does there have to be body shaming and fat shaming in this book?! I threw up in my mouth more than once. I’m not interested in knowing the exact weight of a character in a(n erotica) story?! This starts in the first story and it’s everywhere. Female characters thinking about not wanting to put on weight, being like ‘if I look at that, I’ll put on weight!’ and then the male’s thought of “She still had great tits even at twenty-nine” (kindle pos. 1191)? Excuse me? Great tits are great tits. Regardless of the body’s age. And don’t get me started on thinking of a woman of 2-fucking-9 years as old! What the fuck! And if she were 97, great tits are great tits!

Bookish Thoughts

I can’t enjoy a book like this and even if I could, I wouldn’t want to.


I received a free copy through the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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