Making Money as a Book Blogger

Hopefully I didn’t scare you with that headline? I will NEVER accept payment for writing a positive review! So no worries there.

I’m simply using affiliate links as of now. Or rather as of yesterday. I’m slowly updating my blog, starting with the reviews with the highest rating and slowly working my way downwards.

What does that mean for you?
Nothing changes really. My reviews will stays the same, always offering my honest opinion of the reviewed book. If you decide you’d like to buy the book in question and you want to buy it at Amazon, you can use the affiliate link I’ve put in my review (it’s always marked with an *). If you use the link, you don’t pay more (nor less sadly) than the price you would’ve paid without it. I simply receive a small amount of money as a way of thanks from Amazon for generating a buy.

I don’t intent my blog as my only way of income (so much nope), but I wouldn’t say no to a little pocket-money for more books or bookish stuff.  That’s why I’ve decided to join. But you absolutely do not have to use my affiliate links if you don’t want to!

Are there any other sellers you buy at? I’m currently affiliating with and

If you are a blogger, do you use affiliate programs?

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